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"Space Invaders" Walk

This walk is marked out by mosaics inspired from the "Space Invaders" video game. Created by 4th year schoolchildren, these "Space Invaders" are a fun way to discover the town of Aigle.

Who hasn’t heard of those weird "aliens" represented by the most basic form of graphics ? These "Space Invaders", taken from the 70s video game of the same name, had a huge influence on the anonymous artist "Invader" whose work can be admired from Tokyo to New York, and in particular, Paris, Lyon and Geneva.

In turn, Joëlle Koog’s pupils injected their own individual enthusiasm into this project which highlights the resurgence in street art creations. These budding artists fashioned some 20 original "Space Invaders", made from recycled bits of old tiles and then displayed them in some unexpected locations in the town. Who knows how to find them all ?


Duration : about 1h

 Roadmap - "Space invaders" walk.pdf (195 KB)
 Plan - balade des invaders.pdf (1.18 MB)

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